Compassco is a computer assembly company which builds high quality, reliable PCs. We put a lot of effort in ensuring we can stand behind what we sell. Our rigorous testing ensures that PCs outperform most expectations.Our company is built on the principles of building trust with our customers by providing high quality & performance Personal Computers with honest pricing. Add great customer service and support to it & the PCs will sell themselves.


We have been lucky enough to get some great feedback from our Customers, especially on Amazon. It’s a real shame that due to the current e-commerce environment, there are a lot of fake and paid reviews. However, Amazon does not let one post a review about a seller until they’ve bought something from them. This way you can be certain of their authenticity. Visit our testimonials page to see what people have said about us.


As a buyer, you may have noticed that buying a PC today has unfortunately become a daunting task. Not everyone has the time to do research and even if you do, you may not find all components to be available. Companies/Resellers try to sell ‘one PC fits all’ and use marketing gibberish which may not mean much to how the PC will perform.


Performance is what drives us. We focus and on meeting the needs of our customer and provide strong products with technical support and guidance. As people who understand hardware, we constantly validate hardware assumptions with real-world testing. To be part of our product line, every PC undergoes rigorous testing. We publish such data on our website for you to see. So, you can see what to expect from a PC in terms of performance even without making a purchase! In our endeavor to be as competitive as possible when it comes to pricing, we also sell individual components on reputed e-commerce websites. Due to our high purchase volumes, we constantly get bulk discounts and best prices from component manufacturers