Build Your Own PC

Choose the parts of your choice and get the PC built & delivered to your doorstep! We ensure:

  • Stock Availability: All items listed 'In Stock' are actually in stock.
  • Professional Assembly: We meticulously assemble the parts together and replace faulty parts at the outset
  • Stress Testing: Tests are run to ensure all components are free of defects.
  • Quality Check: Final Tested Builds are sent for quality check as an additional measure.
  • Advanced Packing: Our packing process is one of the best in business. No damages!

While assembling your own PC can be a great learning experience and we would always encourage people to do so, many people jump into it without realizing what they are getting into & regret later.

We have listed down the PROS & CONS for you to make an informed decision.

Great Learning Experience Lots of research is needed to select the components
Interaction with the PC Building Community Time Consuming- Can take weeks to source parts & complete a build
A sense of achievement when it is complete Lots of chances for things to go wrong
Unforeseen problems such as Dead on Arrival parts
Individual Parts may turn out to be incompatible
No Support, Complete Warranty or Professional Advice
You have to do everything yourself

While there are overwhelming cons, it doesn't always seem so because of common myths such as:

  • It's always cheaper to build a PC yourself
  • Every Pre-Built PC is expensive
  • Quality of Assembly does not matter
  • Hardware Support is not needed
  • Every part you find on the Internet is readily available in the market
  • Every Reseller is a hardware expert and would suggest the right parts for you

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Build Your Own PC
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