Ferro Home & Office

Ferro Home & Office

At Compassco, we build high-performance, reliable desktop computers. Whether we’re building a high-end Gaming PC or a general-purpose Home or Office PC, the same quality of workmanship goes in. We do not sell products if we cannot stand behind them.


It can be a frustrating experience to buy & use a poorly assembled PC with slow boot times, constant crashes and applications that keep hanging. Not only does that waste a lot of your time but it also leaves much more to be desired.



Why a Desktop Over a Laptop?


Laptops are quite common and popular choices these days in India. However, they aren’t always the best option for everyone. An assembled PC can offer similar (or even better) performance at practically half the price!


You also lose many other advantages that a desktop can provide. In our experience, many users still buy laptops even if they do not benefit from its only advantage, Portability.



We Offer Some of the Best Assembled PCs in India


Our Range of Ferro computers are built and rigorously tested to ensure performance and reliability. All systems you buy, come with a clean windows installation along with a fast hard drive for excellent speeds.


Ferro X100 comes in a compact size can hide behind your monitor, giving you all the desk space you need.

why choose us?


Burn-In Testing

Your PC is tested rigorously tested before shipping. All the components are tested under heavy load to ensure reliability. If a component fails these tests, it is replaced by a new part which then undergoes the same tests. We ship the PC only when these extensive stress tests are passed.


State of the Art Packing

Due to the nature of customization involved in building a PC, it remains one of the biggest challenges of our industry. Specialized packing materials ensure that you can have complete peace of mind regarding delivery of your product even in toughest circumstances.

Reliable Configurations

Reliable Configurations

All pre-built computers consist of components that were selected after testing and comparison with many other components in the bracket. Not all parts are suitable for a particular application, and choosing what fits the need ensures that you have a PC that performs far ahead of what was expected.


Fast Shipping

We keep inventory for all components that are part of our pre-built PCs. Moreover, having multiple suppliers for every part means we can ship all our systems in 3-5 business days.


Transit Insured

We provide free transit insurance on all our PCs. In the rare event of any shipping damages, we even handle the entire claims process for you.


Lifetime Tech Support

After the sale is complete, our work has just started. Even after the expiration of your parts warranty, we gladly answer your questions and provide free technical support for life.