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Grand Theft Auto V Played on Inizio X200

Will the entire game perform like the video?

For every game we test, we identify portions of the game which are normally the most taxing on the hardware. So, you can rest assured that the entire gameplay experience will be the same or perhaps even better. We have done the entire testing in Single Player mode only.

Very few games are well optimized to run properly on all the hardware available out there, so there are a few tricky graphic settings in every game which do not follow the general settings pattern. We try to optimize the game to maintain the right performance v/s visual balance.

Push every setting to the highest, and you have the best-looking game but could lead to performance issues like stutters, frame drops, and overall lag. Low graphic settings reduce immersion and hence reduce the overall experience. Therefore, identifying the impact of every graphic setting, both in terms of visual fidelity and performance impact, is critical.

How we record and present the content

We run the games on the exact configuration that you can buy. We record using an external capture card which gives very accurate results on how the machine will perform. There are, however, some limitations due to which you cannot see exact visuals.

Raw footage is of mammoth ~30 GB/minute size (at full HD) and YouTube reduces the size to a mere ~40 MB/minute. This results in a heavy loss in image quality as shown below. So, compared to what you see in the videos, you can expect the real game to look much better.




Target FPS & Graphic Settings:

Target FPS depends on the game. Most RPG Games give a smooth playing experience above 30 FPS while the same is terribly low for a First-Person shooter.

The Target FPS for GTA 5 is 60+ FPS. This is where we want to be in terms of FPS during the game. However, that does not mean that the FPS will always be strictly above 60.

GTA 5 features an open world environment that's more daring than anything the series has attempted before. Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (or RAGE) allows for a much greater draw distance over previous GTAs, letting Rockstar "render the most distant mountains at the other end of the world many, many miles away", with further advances made to the lighting and shader model.GTA 5 has many games within it. Rockstar has integrated a few third-party middleware components into RAGE like the proprietary Euphoria (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87qdmuOesRs) character animation engine and the open-source Bullet physics engine.

GTA 5 has amazing level of dynamic scenes. No two scenes are the same. We mean it. The great thing about GTA using multiple engines is the dynamic behavior it brings to the forefront. Usually there are ‘x’ number of ways in which an animation is done. Good games will have a high number where let’s say there will be 10 ways a character waves. With GTA 5, most such things are dynamic. Based on how the character is designed (height, weight, body muscles etc.), a movement such as waving will be dynamically generated.

This dynamic nature of the game is also the reason it makes it difficult to test and optimize. GTA 5 does not run well on dual core processors. This is where the 7th Gen Intel Pentium Processor (G4560) with its hyperthreading feature made is possible for us as this is a rig where we wanted to be as budget friendly as possible. The 7th Gen Intel processors are NOT like the older Gen ones. With hyperthreading in G4560, Intel has changed the game in this budget range. It is equivalent to previous generation core i3 processors (External Link: http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Pentium-G4560-vs-Intel-Core-i3-6100/3892vs3511).


Ours vs Nvidia GeForce Recommended Settings

For most games, Nvidia have their own recommendations in terms of graphic settings you should use. They provide a good reference to begin with, but tweaking is necessary for ideal experience. Also, in some instances, like Batman Arkham Knight & Battlefield 1, Nvidia GeForce Experience Application doesn’t optimize the game at all.


Ambient Occlusion High Off
Anisotropic Filtering x16 x16
DirectX Version DirectX 11 DirectX 11
Display Mode Full-screen Full-screen
Distance Scaling 0.7 1
Extended Distance Scaling 0 0.3
Extended Shadows Distance 0 1
Grass Quality High High
High Detail Streaming While Flying On On
High Resolution Shadows On Off
In-Game Depth of Field Effects Off Off
Long Shadows On On
MSAA Off x2
Particles Quality High Very High
Population Density 0.7 1
Population Variety 0.2 1
Post FX High High
Reflection MSAA Off Off
Reflection Quality High Very High
Resolution 1600x900 1600x900
Shader Quality Very High High
Shadow Quality High Very High
Tessellation High Very High
Texture Quality High Auto
Water Quality Very High Very High


Test Results & Conclusion:

In our tests, we found that 94.4% of the time, the FPS was above 60 and always above 45. FPS variation was higher than what we observed for Inizio X100 but for a game as dynamic as GTA 5, it is something we can’t worry about much. Overall the game was quite smooth with very few hiccups. The overall average observed was 79.9 FPS with a FPS Deviation of 20.6. Deviation tells us how much variation was observed during the entire test. The lower the deviation, the lesser the fluctuations. If the FPS were to stay constant at 60 for the whole test, deviation would be 0.

Inizio-X200-GTA-5-1 Inizio-X200-GTA-5-2 Inizio-X200-GTA-5-3



A big thanks to Intel for their hyperthreading enabled Pentium Series processors, otherwise GTA 5 would need a minimum of core i3 processors to be able to run. Pascal series cards are quite capable of handling most games you throw at them and Gigabyte’s Nvidia GTX 1050 G1 gaming is the one of the best variant of the 1050 chipset.