State of the Art Packing

Due to the nature of customization involved in building a PC, it remains one of the biggest challenges of our industry. After a lot of testing and sending Test Samples to remote locations, we have been able to address this issue. Specialized packing materials ensure that you can have complete peace of mind regarding delivery of your product even in toughest circumstances.

There are multiple steps to the packing process.

  • After completion of the assembly, we use hot glue to secure connectors and some components so that they do not loosen during shipping,
  • Then we put a custom packing foam which expands inside the cabinet to fill as much empty space as possible. Instapack Foam prevents any movement of components and secures bulky components such as Graphics Cards and cooling solutions.
  • Then the cabinet is secured by manufacturer provided thermocol and put inside a strong 5 ply corrugated box provided by the manufacturer
  • On top of this box, we put an extremely high-density foam corners and then put them into another strong 5 ply box of our own.